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Join an epic adventure for your senses and discover the finest Croatian spirits.

Brigljević Distillery is a family-owned distillery in Croatia dedicated to crafting fine spirits since 2002.

We proudly nurture an artisanal and natural approach to spirit-making, but we're also not afraid to break a rule or two in order to achieve exceptional flavor. Our spirits are spectatular concoctions of Croatian eau de vie heritage, French distilling techniques, and Scottish barrel-aging methods - something you definitely won't find anywhere else.

Experience trailblazing spirits that excite the tastebuds and ignite curiosity.

Meet our Master Distiller and get ready to sip, smell, and savor the essence of our distillery as we unlock the secrets of our time-honored traditions and curious flavors.

Taste the best of what Croatia has to offer: our finest selection of limited-edition fruit brandies, liqueurs and gin. 

Explore the full list of spirit editions you'll taste on our main distillery site.

Explore our fine spirits collection.

Are you more interested in gin and cocktails?
Book a unique gin tasting experience.
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The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited to peeople under the age of 18.
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