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Best gifts to buy the gin lover in your life

What do you get someone who loves gin for Christmas? Gin aficionados can sometimes be a tough crowd to shop for, cause it’s hard to find something that they don’t already own. Here's our ultimate guide to creative gin gifts guaranteed to go down well from Brigljevic Distillery - home of the first Croatian handcrafted gin.

Gin, with its rich history and endless flavor possibilities, has captured the hearts of many spirits enthusiasts. There are plenty of fantastic and thoughtful gin gifts to explore, but if you’re a bit lost - here are a few recommendations from our distillers.

Old Tom Gin - a nostalgic classic

Old Tom is an old gin style popular in 18th-century England, in the period known as the Gin Craze. This traditional gin is known for its slightly sweeter profile, and it bridges the gap between the more juniper-forward London Dry Gin and its historical predecessor Genever.

In recent years, this historical gin style had its revival in the craft gin movement, with craft distillers recreating traditional recipes. No two Old Tom gins are the same - each distillery puts their own creative flair into it, and each bottle adds a special touch of nostalgia to contemporary gin cocktails.

Inspired by the intriguing history of this spirit, we created our own variant: The Shabby Cat Gin. With prevailing aromas of juniper, orange peel, and cinnamon, our recipe also features a hint of sweetness coming from licorice, and pleasant notes of vanilla coming from maturation in American oak barrels. These sweet and spicy flavors make it perfect to enjoy on its own, but it also serves as a great base for mulled gin.

A treat for the cocktail lover

Who says the perfect present for a gin drinker has to be gin? For the gin enthusiast who enjoys crafting their own cocktails, there’s a variety of mixers that make an excellent gift.

Sure, you can take the safe route and get some gin botanicals, but a serious gin aficionado likely already has their gin spice rack full. Instead, you can go for more exotic cocktail additions that’ll add a personal touch to their homemade concoctions. Gin goes great with various bitter and liqueurs, which will allow your friend or family member to experiment with exciting new flavors.

A nice craft alternative to some famous brands of bitters (and a fan-favorite from our distillery) is the Bitter Orange Liqueur. Bitter oranges are a unique Mediterranean variety growing in the very south of Croatia - you may spot them during winter time around the old city walls of Dubrovnik. This traditional Croatian liqueur brings out the powerful aromas of this zesty citrus. With a clean, bitter-sweet character, well-balanced acidity, and freshness, it adds an extra dimension to gin cocktails.

Gin tasting experience like no other

For a more immersive gift, treat your gin lover to a fun gin tasting experience. At Brigljevic Distillery, we organize gin tasting sessions where participants can sample a variety of artisan gins, spend an evening with our distillers, and learn everything they ever wanted to know about gin. Complemented by seasonal cocktails and gourmet snacks, this experience allows them to expand their palate and discover new favorite drinks!

Find out more about gifting this gin tasting tour here.

Sip, savor and celebrate

These gift ideas cater to both the gin connoisseur's love for the spirit and their desire to explore the diverse world of gin, making for a memorable and meaningful present.

All our spirits can be tasted and purchased exclusively from our distillery in Velika Gorica, Croatia. Whether you’re shopping for a gin connoisseur, a spirit enthusiast, or someone who enjoys a well-crafted cocktail, we have plenty of artisanal liquid merriment that’ll keep the spirits bright. Get in touch with us if you’re interested!

If you’re looking for original business gifts this holiday season, explore our corporate gifting program here (available only in Croatia).


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