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Ovo je engleska verzija!!!!!

Oduševite svoje poslovne suradnike ekskluzivnim žestokim pićima iz destilerije Brigljević - jedne od najstarijih obiteljskih destilerija u Hrvatskoj.

U našoj blagdanskoj ponudi pronaći ćete fine kapljice s kojima će Vaši partneri i klijenti s guštom nazdraviti u Vaše ime. Od vrhunskih voćnih destilata, likera i craft gina, sva pića dolaze u elegantnim pakiranjima, koja možete personalizirati u skladu s Vašim brendingom.

Spend a fun evening with our distillers and learn everything you ever wanted to know about gin, from its amusing history to various styles and distillation methods.


First, you'll taste three kinds of our premium gin, and learn to distinguish between their different herbs and spices. We'll teach you how to feel your way through various kinds of gin so you can create any concoction imaginable. You'll also get some practice right away by playing around and inventing your own gin & tonic recipes!

Teambuilding u destileriji

Give the gift of gin.

On the lookout for the best gifts for gin lovers? Gift them an unforgettable tasting experience in the heart of where gin is made.

You can purchase the coupon for one or two people. The recipient(s) can use the coupon within 6 months to book any session of choice in our regular schedule.


45,00 € for 1 person / 90,00 € for 2 people
(includes a voucher for one gin tasting session)

Thank you for booking! Expect an email with all the details soon.

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