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Welcome to the home of the finest Croatian craft gin.

Dizajn bez naslova (35).png
Curiosity never killed the cat - it made her fly.

Cats and gin share a special bond going back to the 18th century, when cats were used to sell illegal gin in the streets of London.

Intrigued by this mysterious connection and led by the spirit of curiosity,  at the Brigljević distillery we created the Flying Cat - the first Croatian handcrafted gin.

Today, we are proud makers of three premium gin styles with distinct botanical blends.


Meet our kittens and their unique characters.

Take a deep dive into the exciting world of gin.

Explore the history of gin, learn about how it's made, and create your own gin cocktails with premium craft gin - all under the guidance of our Master Distiller.

Whether you're a gin aficionado, cocktail enthusiast or an aspiring distiller,  join us for a unique tasting experience where hundreds of gin connoisseurs started their journey.

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